Make Your Case for Attendance


By now you already know that by attending the CSI National Conference you will gain new ideas, learn to innovate, gain new skills, and make valuable connections with other association industry professionals. But, how do you share the value of this event with your supervisor in order to justify your attendance? Below is some helpful information and tools to get you started.

Talking Points & Tips

  • Clarify that this is an investment in you—as well as your company, organization, or institution. Talk about what you’ll bring back after the meeting, including new knowledge about the industry and best practices.
  • Make sure you offer to share the information you will gain with colleagues, leadership, trainees, fellows, and students; a quick presentation could be an invaluable way for others to benefit from your attendance. Propose writing a brief statement about the conference for your internal newsletter or website.
  • Share the online guide with those who approve travel. The wealth of sessions offered will help reassure them that this trip is all about education.
  • Emphasize that this is a chance to earn valuable Learning Units for both CSI and AIA credit that is essential to remain eligible for licensure and certification.
  • Point out that by attending, you directly expand your network putting you in touch with individuals and businesses representing the AECO industry.